Multibag… multipass?

Sewing is so… gratifying.

While I love knitting and crochet, there’s nothing like that sense of satisfaction of being able to produce a finished product in a matter of hours. Bags, totes and mini purses are a classic example of this.

This little bag was whipped up from a pattern from 石川ゆみの好きな布で好きなもの – ‘Ishikawa Yumi’s Favorite Items of Favorite Fabrics ‘ (ISBN: 4579112741 / 9784579112746). The patterns in the book are all in Japanese, but for even the beginner sewer (i.e. myself!) the diagrams are more than sufficient to get you through.

Pocket Heaven! There are actually a total of 10 pockets in this little baby, along with ample space on either side of the zippered compartment as well as the zipper compartment itself. The original pattern was made with a simple muslin and actually has no lining which wouldn’t work with my chosen material, nothing a little iron-on interfacing won’t fix!

At the end I loved the look and feel of the bag, but ended up giving it away to a happy new owner the next day lol. There’s only so many bags a girl can use at once.

P.S. the title is a reference to ‘Fifth Element’, one of my guilty cheesy film indulgences.

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  1. Karen says:

    OMG I love this bag!! And I love compartments in bags. Me wanty! 🙂

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