Of Retro 50’s Love

I’ve always been a crafter a heart, the internet really is a joy these days and thanks to numerous tutorials and Ravelry I’d retaught myself my long forgotten knitting and crochet skills. However secretly I was lusting after my mum’s sewing machine and plotting ways of sneaking it out from under her nose.

eBay really is a girl’s best friend at times like this, a chance search and frantic last minute bid suddenly found me as of the new owner of a $10 H.G. Palmer Princess Zig-Zag Deluxe! I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, first off I’d hadn’t sewn for over a decade and learning on what could almost be classified as an antique probably isn’t the best of ideas.

The machine

The knobs, dials and even the colour are such a call back to the 50’s and my first weekend with the machine was a flurry of broken thread and frantic google searches. Amazingly I could find almost no information about the brand itself, but by a stroke of luck I managed to find a scanned PDF version of the manual which took me through the steps of how to thread the machine. Somewhat randomly in the week previous I’d seen a picture on how a sewing machine worked and so managed to pick up the theory on bobbins and so forth!

It’s going to be an interesting learning curve, is all I can say.

ETA: For the people who requested it, here’s a copy of the manual I managed to find. Hopefully this helps you out!

6 Responses to “Of Retro 50’s Love”

  1. Viv says:

    (。◕∀◕。) u r going to a new home in 6mths time
    i’ll treat u good~ ♥

  2. Helen says:

    hi i also have the machine h.g.palmer i to have been having trouble getting a manual.I did get it working finally .is it poss for you to send the details of the manual or the site that you got it? thanks so much i am sending it overseas to be used in philippines for lively hood project

  3. Helen says:

    hi have found the manual now on another web site happy sewing !!!!

  4. Denise says:

    Where can i get bobbins for the H G Palmer princess. i have the machine before yours.

    • minh says:

      Hi Denise,

      I haven’t had to buy any specific bobbins for the Princess, the few that I bought from my local craft store seemed to fit without any problems 🙂

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