The box model

Zippers and stripes are my biggest weaknesses.

I recently packed for a short weekend away and rather sheepishly realised that 80% of the clothes I’d packed (including my pajamas!) all featured to some extent a stripy pattern. My favourite jacket – you guessed it – zips up and has a black and grey stripy pattern.

So when I sat down to consider my first mini-project, the only thing that popped to mind was a zipped box purse.

The box is based off the tutorial from Indie House, and really truly is the perfect little box. I’d bought my materials somewhat impulsively so my zipper was a little too short and the resulting box was about 10cm in length. Wanting a nice contrast, I used some iron on interfacing material to fuse the stripe pattern with a yellow floral material to serve as the lining.

Embarrassing admission #1 – Being the first time I’d ever used interfacing material I actually didn’t read the instructions the full way through and ended up sewing all of the layers together without removing the backing paper! Lesson learnt, my 2nd attempt was much more sucessful (pictured above with white zipper). I also included a little tab on the side for my 2nd purse to help with unzipping.

Embarassing admission #2 – I was a little overenthusiastic with the sewing and attempted to sew full force over the metal zipper, resulting in a broken needle and a much more sheepish second attempt.

To those of you with zipper phobia give it a go, this is a perfect little project to sink your teeth into for those zipper virgins!

4 Responses to “The box model”

  1. Jo says:

    Zipper phobia!! yup yup that’s me :p

  2. Alexa says:

    Hi there! (:
    I just happened to come across your website and was interested in making one of these… but the tutorial doesn’t include how to make a tab like in your second attempt with the white zipper… Would you please explain how to do that? ^^;

    • minh says:

      Hopefully these instructions make sense!

      To make the tab I just took a square of fabric, folded it in half with wrong sides out and sewed along the sides to make a open pouch almost then turned it inside out. To attach it to the box, you need to position it during step 7 when you’re just about to sew the sides of the pouch closed.

      Put the tab on the side you want it on between the box layers (the order should be zipper, tab, bottom of pouch) and sew the entire side shut like in the instructions. Then just follow the rest of the instructions like normal, hopefully when you turn everything inside out your tab will be perfectly positioned!

      Hope that helps 🙂

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