The Glasses Obsession

La Font, L.A. Eyeworks, Vintage 50 Cat Eyes, Classic Plastic Nerd

My name is Minh, and I’m a glasses addict.

I’ve worn glasses for half of my life now and every time I get asked why I don’t opt for Laser Surgery to correct my eyesight, my answer is simple. I really love wearing glasses.

My newest pair is the La Font frames at the front, I adore this brand and have been on the lookout for a specific frame make which doesn’t seem to be produced anymore. This frame wasn’t exactly the one I was looking for but it’ll soothe my addicted soul until the next pair comes along!

P.S. Isn’t the checkered fabric adorable? Part of my haul from a whirlwind Saturday morning at the Remnant Warehouse sale!

3 Responses to “The Glasses Obsession”

  1. lol i didn’t know you had so many pairs of glasses! isn’t it expensive having to pay for lenses though?

    • minh says:

      Haha my collection spans back years, I just have to hold myself back and only get one set of lenses a year. Sadly I’ve already fulfilled this year’s quota!

  2. billy@ATFT says:

    Funkehhh….. you got style GAL!
    I still love the cat eyes

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