Lace Crochet Bracelet

When I was 12 years old my mum taught me how to crochet, all I can remember is making an endless chain of crochet squares and putting them together in a huge blanket… which ultimately I never finished (笑). I picked up crochet again a few years ago after seeing all of the cute toy patterns which were slowly emerging online and in the last few weeks have been consumed by it again, after teaching some of the basics to Jo.

糸あみプランツ クロッシェレースアクセサリー

The problem with crocheting and knitting is… it just all takes so long! I’ve gotten so used to the instant gratification that you get with sewing that I forget just how slowly crochet moves along, but the result is oh so gorgeous. I picked up this book 糸あみプランツ クロッシェレースアクセサリー (Thread Plants, Crochet Lace Accessories) a few years back in Japan and every time I feel like a quick project I pull it out and spend a few hours making myself a bracelet or hair accessory.

My circles aren’t in any way perfect and the thread winds and curls lightly around my wrist but the sheer simplicity of it all makes me happy.

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