Pattern: BurdaFashion 8157 a.k.a. follow the instructions!

I’ve never been one to do things by halves, so immediately after making dozens of little boxes and bags I jumped straight into making clothes. I’ve always been a fan of tailored trousers and rather than make a one piece shift I decided to look for a shorts pattern that I could wear to work – determined to find a project for the weekend I drove over to the local spotlight and thought that the BurdaFashion pattern was just what I was looking for.

The Finished Product!

For my first piece of wearable clothing I’m pretty chuffed about it, the instructions in the packaging are very detailed and understandable and most of my time was spent cutting and pinning pieces of fabric together more than anything else. I’m a little more generous in hip than the size I cut out, the waist fits me perfectly but I may give myself a little more leeway in the hips if I use the pattern again.

You've gotta have pockets, no questions asked.

I adore the pocket details – I carry a million things around with me and cannot survive without pockets. Having made pockets a few times now I’m tempted to start carving away at some of the old favourites in the closet and upgrading them with pockets.

Follow the instructions! I got a little lazy when it came to finishing off the cuffs and promptly pressed and seamed it off… at the wrong line. Another tip – don’t start unpicking at 12.30 this can only lead to woe, I only figured this out the next night after dedicating a solid hour to unpicking, only to realised that I’d unpicked the good cuff. Secondly, when the pattern tells you to put in a zipper AND a button, you really do need that button – my poor stomach is a little red after the zipper kept unzipping and pinching at my flesh.

Alphabet Necklace from LittleRedLantern

Of course, you can’t have an outfit without accessories. I kept the look simple with a white collar shirt and my fantastic Alphabet Necklace from LittleRedLantern, a Sydney based etsy seller (support our local talent!). The necklace is an amazing little piece that always has people coming back for a second look, I bought it to wear at a wedding but it seems to go with everything!

What’s next? A zany stripy skirt which has been lying abandoned in my to-finish basket for a week or so and maybe another pair of shorts in a more playful pattern for the weekends!

6 Responses to “Pattern: BurdaFashion 8157 a.k.a. follow the instructions!”

  1. billy@ATFT says:

    oh my god! if u make one ill wear it! LOL

  2. shez says:

    Will you really? The stripey skirt?

    (Minh, can you make Billy a stripey skirt? Puh-lease?)

    ps) much <3 for the shorts, even with the woe & late night unpicking.

  3. Addy says:

    Wow minhness! i’m impressedddddddd hehehe
    Soon u’ll have ur own frockshop 😉

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