Pouch bonanza

I think I’ve gone zipper crazy!

I’ve been experimenting a little in the last week or so of different ways of making zippered pouches and how to deal with that pesky zipper enclosure. My sewing machine unfortunately has a manually set tension which means many skipped stitches in my pouch whenever the material gets a little thick. Until I’ve perfected this bump there’ll be a lot of back and forth stitching for me!

The two pouches are made from a single fat quarter, I’ve probably got enough spare to make another small pouch if I wanted to! The lining inside is actually a heavy weight almost denim like material starchy enough that I decided to forgo a 2nd layer of interfacing.

I love the striped linen pictured, the material is actually thin enough that it’s almost sheer but I couldn’t resist and have started making a skirt with it! The project is going well and after hemming it off I’ll have something new to show off.

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