Report: Missing in Action!

You think I’d be tired of making bags by now, but the lure of a quick afternoon project resulting in a hand sized zipped clutch never fails to appeal. Most of the time when I’m making a bag there isn’t a really a purpose to it, the size is dependent simply on the size of the zipper I have at hand and the only concession I make towards practicality is to ensure that at least my phone can fit inside it.

I seem to be running through as many zippered pouch tutorials as I can find, but have yet to find the perfect combination. The slightly too thick non-iron on interfacing I bought is a little frustrating to work with, making my layers a little too thick for the machine to be happy running through.

Why hello stripes

Having only a short zipper at hand I decided to change up the bag a little and make a long pouch designed to fit an iPhone sitting upwards. Unfortunately I made the mistake of showing this bag to Kathleen just after she mentioned she was on the lookout for an External Hard Drive pouch and by (un)happy coincidence the pouch was a perfect fit! Farewell zippered purse, how little I knew thee lol!

5 Responses to “Report: Missing in Action!”

  1. abercrombie says:

    you got some skills woman!

  2. The Ninja says:

    Looks good for throwing knives

  3. Aleeberry says:

    Lol it was fait!

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