Sailing away on a blue cotton ocean

There’s something so intriguing about knowing that a piece of paper, scissors and some carefully placed glue can result in something brilliant. I adore papercrafting – papercrafting is creating 3D models by cutting out the wireframes in paper and gluing it all together, it’s incredibly geeky but the final results are so fun to play with.

Going Merry

Fellow geeks will recognise the beloved ship ‘Going Merry’ from One Piece, I made this little ship over 2 years ago and it has been sadly collecting dust on my cupboard – but for today she was free to sail away on a cotton blue ocean. The pattern is from Ninjatoe and is still available here, looking at the original I realise that my back sail has been lost to the depths of time.

Nami's Mikan Trees!

This was easily the most intricate, annoying, frustrating and satisfying model I’ve ever put together. I’ve forgotten to take a photo to compare for scale but the entire ship is smaller than my hand resulting in more than few nights of sticky cramped fingers.

Even as I continue writing this post I realise how incredibly geeky this all is (įŽ‘). I don’t really do papercraft anymore, it takes a little bit too long and the result while fun is kind of useless! But after re-watching One Piece the other day (fans will know the scene I’m taking about!) I had to take Merry out for one more spin.

3 Responses to “Sailing away on a blue cotton ocean”

  1. Jo says:

    That is so cool!
    I have a thousand sunny model!! 😛

  2. abercrombie says:

    love it!

  3. billy@ATFT says:

    you are crazy minh!!! It looks so intricate! now you need to put it inside a glass bottle! 😛

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