Stash frenzy!

I hate sales.

No, that’s a lie – I adore sales and buy recklessly and without regard for my credit card! Ever since I started sewing the one thing holding me back has been my lack of fabric, I’ve been in the habit of simply buying enough to cover projects for the weekend but it inevitably leaves me twitching for more… more!

So I went a little crazy.

Pink Chalk Fabrics Stash

I’ve been stalking Etsy sellers for a few weeks constantly filling and emptying my cart unable to decide on what fabrics to choose and finally torn I went to Jo from Chubby Hobby to ask for her advice on the best place to buy fabric. She recommended Pink Chalk Fabrics and boy was her recommendation spot on! 20 minutes later I had $50 of fabric in my cart and my credit happy fingers were sated.

Paint by Numbers

Paint by Numbers

How adorable is this print! I’ve seen it referred to as the Paint by Numbers print and it caught my eye immediately. It seems like such a shame to obscure these pattern lines so I’m waiting until I can find a pattern that’ll do this print justice.

French Floral

French Floral

My friends will tell you that I have a weakness for floral. Despite being the un-girliest person possible, the sight of a 80’s floral shirt will stop me in my tracks and I’ve lost count of the number of floral blouses I own. Sadly only 1/2 yard of this gorgeous print was left but that didn’t stop me from swooping in! Now my only dilemma is what can I make with 1/2 yard?

Remnant Warehouse Stash

The problem was… buying online meant that I had to wait for my stash to be delivered! With almost impeccable timing,  Remnant Warehouse were having an easter sale and unable to resist I was like a moth to the flame. I picked up a bag of linens, quilting cottons, fat quarters, fabric remnants, extra needles, more zippers, interfacing and even 5m of tracing paper!

The worst part of it all… I’m still eying this amazing Duckegg Blue Silk on Etsy! Help!

4 Responses to “Stash frenzy!”

  1. Jo says:

    God your stash is growing FAST!
    My favourite would be the Paint by Numbers print!^0^

  2. You are crazy but awesome 🙂

  3. Aleeberry says:

    Paint by numbers reminds me of those coloring pages I used to do as a kid! Ohhh childhood…I think I just miss naptime 🙂

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