An Amineko

I remember my mum teaching how to crochet years ago when I was still in primary school. It was such a grandmotherly thing to do, but I remember creating square after square with the goal of creating an afghan style blanket. This of course never eventuated and I just stopped crocheting for a while, but 3 years ago I saw a pattern that changed everything.

The Amineko.

This is the pattern that totally changed my outlook on crocheting and eventually knitting. It was slow and painful but eventually I picked up all the lingo again, learnt how to read Japanese charts and embraced the awesomeness that is chart symbols.

I created this Amineko as a birthday present for a friend, she promptly posed it next to my Kidnapper and proceeded to abuse him for a while, I’m sure our co-workers were a little non-plussed as to what the heck we were doing.

Long suffering Kidnapper

This is without a doubt probably one of the best patterns you could use to learn crochet with, the pattern is clear and very well explained and the result is just adorable!

3 Responses to “An Amineko”

  1. So cute! There’s a girl who at work who has just taken up crocheting with a vengeance. I curse my own crochet hook ineptitude.

  2. abercrombie says:

    haha cute!

  3. Aleeberry says:

    Too cute! I have a kitty one with a black spot on the eye!

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