My Seedy Scarf

Scarf me up

Scarf me up

Scarves are the first thing everyone learns how to knit.

I’ve lost count of how many scarves I’ve made, but the truth is I rare wear any of them! I’ve lost the crafting urge a little since coming back from my holiday and needed something mindless to make, and this scarf was perfect.

The seediness comes from the super simple pattern of K1P1, repeat alternating lines. It’s a mindless pattern that I messed up surprisingly often and embellished with a single crochet border and fluffy fringes on either end.

Knit up on 8mm needles and on bulky 12ply wool (Moda Versa Mousse) it’s easily the biggest and fattest thing I’ve ever made. The yellow wool sheds like a mofo all over my clothes and it’s almost 2 meters long.

I love it.

3 Responses to “My Seedy Scarf”

  1. abercrombie says:

    i want a scarf.. make me make me..

    rather i need a scarf! i’ve stolen Q’s

  2. Jo says:

    I love it too!!!!!

  3. Jo says:

    today i saw a scarf in the department store looking like yours!!!!
    hint: winter is coming soon 😛

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