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Lace Project – Poinsettia


I love projects that knit up quickly, anything longer than 2 weeks and there’s no doubt I’m going to lose all interest. This Poinsetta has been in my closet for over a year,  Sydney weather isn’t really cold enough to justify a neck cowl but the colour of this wool is too beautiful to hideRead the Rest…

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My Seedy Scarf

Scarf me up

Scarves are the first thing everyone learns how to knit.

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An Amineko

An Amineko

I created this Amineko as a birthday present for a friend, she promptly posed it next to my Kidnapper and proceeded to abuse him for a while.

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Lace Crochet Bracelet

Lace Crochet Bracelet

My circles aren’t in any way perfect and the thread winds and curls lightly around my wrist but the sheer simplicity of it all makes me happy.

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