Sailing away on a blue cotton ocean

Going Merry

There’s something so intriguing about knowing that a piece of paper, scissors and some carefully placed glue can result in something brilliant.

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WIP: BurdaStyle Ruby Shorts

Just a sneak peak

I can’t seem to get enough shorts lately, every time I pick up a new piece of fabric I just wonder how the pattern will work in a short pattern!

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Pattern: BurdaFashion 8157 a.k.a. follow the instructions!

You've gotta have pockets. No arguments.

I’ve never been one to do things by halves, so immediately after making dozens of little boxes and bags I jumped straight into making clothes.

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Report: Missing in Action!

Report: Missing in Action!

You think I’d be tired of making bags by now, but the lure of a quick afternoon project resulting in a hand sized zipped clutch never fails to appeal.

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A Mid-Arvo Tote

A Mid-Arvo Tote

Just a super quick project I whipped up as a impromptu birthday present for my friend Linda

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Stash frenzy!

Remnant Warehouse Stash

I hate sales. No, that’s a lie – I adore sales and buy recklessly and without regard for my credit card!

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Pouch bonanza

Pouch bonanza

I think I’ve gone zipper crazy!

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Multibag… multipass?

Multibag… multipass?

This little bag was whipped up from a pattern from 石川ゆみの好きな布で好きなもの – ‘Ishikawa Yumi’s Favorite Items of Favorite Fabrics’.

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The Glasses Obsession

The Glasses Obsession

My name is Minh, and I’m a glasses addict.

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The box model

The box model

Where my love of stripes overcomes me a little.

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